QuantumCat Animation

Opening the box one frame at a time


Brown Bunny first draft cast

The first silicone cast for Brown Bunny’s head is out of the mold.  Not the final draft, for reasons outlined below, but it feels like progress anyway.  And progress feels good.

Fresh out of the mold, with lots of seams to trim.

A step towards the final character…

The most immediately apparent flaw with this cast is the right ear — I skinned the inside of the mold with a layer of silicone before filling in the full cast, but it looks like the two halves didn’t connect at that point.  That sort of flaw might be able to be fixed with some painted on silicone; worth a shot anyway.

The problem that ensures a new cast will need to be made is that, again, the facial control wires didn’t end up close enough to the surface to be especially useful.  Time to try something else.


Brown Bunny skull cast

Some progress on one of the rabbit puppets for Critter Critics

This is a urethane plastic cast from the mold of Brown Bunny’s head.

Backups are important.

Its purpose is to preserve the shape of the head in case something were to happen to the mold, but it’ll also give some context for the bare skull cast.

This guy will be the core of the puppet’s head.

Wires embedded in a urethane plastic core will allow the silicone skin to be “posed” in various expressions.

This was made in the same way as Expresso-Skull, so you can kinda see where this is going.  Depending on how this test goes it might end up as the skull of the actual puppet, or it may just be a draft; we’ll see.  In any case, the teeth did not come out well — I’ll be removing them and drilling a hole in their place, making the teeth in a separate mold from the rest of the head.  The learning process continues.