QuantumCat Animation

Opening the box one frame at a time

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A Bear in the Woods

Inspired by the true story of a little boy on his first camping trip, faced with an impossible choice.

Shot and edited in a weekend, this short is adapted from a story submitted to the Art Theater Co-op‘s Vacation Horror Story contest.  It will screen before “Sightseeers”, playing at midnight this Friday and Saturday as a part of Late Nights at the Art.

A Bear in the Woods from QuantumCat Animation on Vimeo.

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Building Fluffystein

Production for the live action segments of Fluffystein is this weekend — here’s the making of the stopmo bunny.

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Critter Critics Theater Seat Construction

Preproduction on the Critter Critics series continues  to hop along — the major set piece for each episode is a row of theater seats from which our heroes duke it out over their audiovisual entertainment.