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A Bear in the Woods

Inspired by the true story of a little boy on his first camping trip, faced with an impossible choice.

Shot and edited in a weekend, this short is adapted from a story submitted to the Art Theater Co-op‘s Vacation Horror Story contest.  It will screen before “Sightseeers”, playing at midnight this Friday and Saturday as a part of Late Nights at the Art.

A Bear in the Woods from QuantumCat Animation on Vimeo.

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Freeky Shorts

Two short films made for the 2012 Freeky Creek Film Festival.

hp Apology

In the wake of the destruction and madness wreaked by the Ancient One, its inadvertent creator apologizes for his actions leading to such suffering and gibbering.

Huge thanks to Leeman Kessler of Ask Lovecraft!

Baby Lovecraft

A multimedia experience to aid in the development of blood-lust, madness, and gibbering snatches of forbidden knowledge.

Voted “Freekin’ Creepy” at the 2012 Freeky Creek Film Festival.


hp Apology

  • Concept by Andrew Stengele
  • Created by Thomas Nicol
  • HP Lovecraft — Leeman Kessler
  • Dr. Rob Blake — Mike Trippiedi
  • Herb West — Joseph Rosenbaum
  • Lilly Whateley — Charlie Hester
  • Teddy Whateley — Tim Mills
  • Makeup effects by William L. Kephart
  • “Wounded” by Kevin MacLeod

Baby Lovecraft

  • Created by Thomas Nicol
  • Music performed by Stephanie Swearingen

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Dave the comedian is having a rough night behind the mic. SPOILER ALERT: it’s gonna get worse.

Created in collaboration with Forced Perspective Entertainment

(6 min, 2011)




The Window Into Time

Dr. Lawrence Schenker, Man of Science, is contacted by an old classmate with an intriguing problem, setting him on a mission to recreate a substance described in an ancient manuscript… with no thought to the possible consequences.

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(15 mins, 2011)


Best Cinematography, Freeky Creek Film Fest 2011


Inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft